This year was an active one with your Chapter leaders bringing several events and meetings to members.  Dr. Sylvia presented a detailed overview of existing and new leg issues and solutions.  Farrier Dan Martin talked about the hoof, shoeing and latest treatments for lameness issues. In April we rolled out the red carpet for a fun and entertaining Spring Fashion Show. Joanna Dillion of Equipe Saddlery offered valuable tips on saddle fitting and we watched many of you ride with Charlotte Bredahl during her clinic in June. In August, we were impressed with the art many of you created during the wine and paper mache class! And we hope throughout the year, you felt a little more connected to the dressage community in Palos Verdes. Looking ahead to next year, we have a ride-a-test clinic planned, more clinics, interesting speakers and general meetings filled with useful dressage-related information.
Now - this has been fun !!!!

So let's review the CDS and PVCDS memberships:

If you are not a member of CDS, we would encourage you to be. CDS is our "mother" organization and we would not exist without it. Their monthly newsletter is very informative and you get updates on what's happening in dressage. Here is the website
 and it is $70 a year. By the way, our own PVCDS has an article in the current CDS newsletter. In addition, our PVCDS activities that have a limited number of openings (e.g. clinics), members of CDS who have designated Palos Verdes as their Chapter preference will have priority.

If you are not a CDS member but would like to be or continue to be a participant in PVCDS, let us know so we can keep you on the email newsletter distribution list. You do not need to be a CDS member to be a PVCDS participant.

We suggest a $20 donation from everyone to help with costs of the website, newsletter, meetings and activities.

 Your next steps: 

If you are not a CDS member, go to the CDS website and select the Membership link on the left side of the homepage. Fill out the form and indicate Palos Verdes as your Chapter Preference.

If you do not join CDS, send Suzanne Smith ( an email by August 5th to confirm that you would like to be a PVCDS participant.

If you have not done so already, please send Carrie Williams (please email: for her address) a check or cash for $20 by
December 30th to help support the chapter's activities. Make your check payable to PVCDS.

If you are not a CDS member and do not reply by December 30th, we will assume you no longer want to be a PVCDS participant.

But, we will check in with you with a reminder just to make sure as we don't want to lose your valuable support and involvement.

Please let Suzanne (, Karen ( or Valerie ( know if you have any questions. 

Palos Verdes Chapter CDS is located in the beautiful Palos Verdes Peninsula of the Los Angeles South Bay.  We are a dedicated group of dressage enthusiasts whose goal is to improve our horsemanship.  Our membership includes English and Western dressage riders of all levels, several judges, trainers and a technical delegate.  We encourage anyone in our horse community who might be interested in dressage to come to our meetings, clinics and other chapter-sponsored events.  Please explore our web site to learn more about us.