Palos Verdes CDS Chapter – 2016 Summary

As 2nd year co-chairs of the wonderful Palos Verdes Chapter, we continued with the theme of education to increase participation of our members, improve our riding ability, and have more fun as a group!  The best part of the year was the increased camaraderie of our members and we were in the saddle a lot more.  What could be better!

We kicked off the year with Veterinarian and Chiropractor Renee Tucker.  During her lecture and hands-on demonstration, Renee introduced some of her 27 simple body checkups horse owners should do on their own to determine where and if their horse hurts. After her lecture, she performed this 27 body checkup exam on Valerie Goodman’s Welsh Cob, Bryan using a combination of acupressure and chiropractic techniques to minimize and correct the movement issues he was exhibiting. It was fascinating to see Bryan improve immediately after treatment.  Dr. Tucker is the author of “Where Does My Horse Hurt”, which teaches any skilled horse owner how to perform the same body checkups she demonstrated.  

We also conducted our 2nd Ride-a-Test event in the middle of April.  The purpose is to give the members a low stress way to practice their test and get excellent help from the judge/clinician to improve.  Louise Koch was our judge/clinician and the chapter members were the scribes, ring steward, coffee and lunch provider, set up and take down, and cheering audience.  Preparation for the event started the night before, with a potluck and valuable test scribing practice.  PV Chapter members and judges Carole Hoffman and Louise Koch gave helpful pointers and examples of what they require from their scribes when they are judging.  They judged 3 tests – First, Second and Fourth levels – and provided real world abbreviations, setting the pace of a scribing and the riders test, and talked about the importance of the relationship between judge and scribe.  

Cynthia Collins of Luna Tunes came for two days to lead the most interesting horse / rider clinic we have seen for a number of years.  She had 8 riders lined up with their fabulous mounts.  They walked into the arena and out came with personalized music and had a lot of fun.  Wow, does she have the knack for pairing music to the horse and rider.  Cynthia also comes prepared to put technical movements that match the rider’s capabilities in musical frames that were very impressive.  This is a must do for any chapter that have aspirations to show a freestyle.  

For the first time ever, the PV Chapter held 3 schooling shows that were expertly put on by the Dreamscape Equestrian team.  The best part of these schooling shows was it gave the chapter riders that are currently showing time to practice and get feedback from the judges.  But even better than this, a number of the riders / horses have never ridden a test before.  We are inspiring more riders in preparing and showing the wonderful craft of dressage.  We want to thank all the volunteers, sponsors, and Chapter members for making our schooling shows a huge success!  Our judges Kathy Hoffman-Pavich, Sandy Harper and Nicole Bhathal were fantastic.  Congratulations to all our riders on your progress.  

As a chapter, we were much more active on the CDS show and clinic scene.  We had two riders join the Amateur clinic with Melissa (this clinic was so wonderful!) and one of our best juniors attend the Charlotte Bredahl junior clinic (some great learning was had). We also had 5 riders qualify and ride at the CDS championship show with a number of wins.  This is how education has influenced our small chapter.  

Speaking of awards, The PV Chapter's Ride-a-Test Success!” from California Dressage Society's newsletter, Dressage Letters (June, 2016), won the award for Best General Interest Experience Article for a GMO with 500 or more members!

Lastly, we want to thank all the professionals and chapter members in making 2016 a very fun, educational year – could not have done it without their help!   And, we end our report out with this quote ---

 “As one of the "Charter founding Members" of the Palos Verdes CDS Chapter, it makes me very proud to see the enthusiasm which continues within our Chapter after all these years.  I congratulate our current co-Chairs Karen Nocket and Valerie Goodman whose creative and diligent leadership has inspired and motivated our members with the many social and educational programs and activities throughout the year.”  from Carole Hoffman. Thank you !!!

Valerie Goodman & Karen Nocket (Palos Verdes CDS Co-Chairs)  

Palos Verdes Chapter CDS is located in the beautiful Palos Verdes Peninsula of the Los Angeles South Bay.  We are a dedicated group of dressage enthusiasts whose goal is to improve our horsemanship.  Our membership includes English and Western dressage riders of all levels, several judges, trainers and a technical delegate.  We encourage anyone in our horse community who might be interested in dressage to come to our meetings, clinics and other chapter-sponsored events.  Please explore our web site to learn more about us.